Noooope. (glassrockboy) wrote,

dear people,

you know what, lets skip the pleasantries. i won't give you a "hows it goin" or a "whats up". lets get into it, yeah? so anyway people, like i was saying: fuck you (exceptions to be noted later). Who in the fuck do you think you are? Every single one of you...i have stuck up for ALL of you at one point or another. and i dont mean stuck up for like "meh, whatever". I mean i've put myself as a fuckin person and a human being on the fucking table for you. In times when people would like to spit on your fucking carcass. making excuses here and there. apparently though, that one was MY mistake

let it be said: am i always easy to get along with? no. am i pretty self-righteous? hell yes. pain in the ass? you bet. but i have never fuckin thrown you to the god damned wolves. i hope...i dont even know...i hope you got some kind of good value out of all this or it makes you feel really good to counter-balance all the bullshit.

ps. its up to you and its your fucking choice, isnt it
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