Noooope. (glassrockboy) wrote,

what the fuck do you mean "whats up"? nothings up, asshole

ive been working and working and trying to work.

ive been working at the gym...and my hours are tapering off there because i need to open up availability for elsewhere.

i worked at macy's for about 3 days. they said id get UP TO 20 hours a week. which isnt a ton for someone trying to support themSELVES, i tell ya what.

about the same time, i interviewed with office max. and soon after, i got hired there. so i quit macys and started at office max because they were paying a little more and i can only assume they would have the same, if not more hours.

last week sometime i had 2 interviews at target and i have a third coming up tomorrow (tuesday). i applied for asset protection/loss prevention/whateverwhoevercallsit. which will probly be more money and more hours STILL. hopefully *shrug*

im not allowed to have feelings
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