Noooope. (glassrockboy) wrote,

you stupid cunt

you dumb fucking whore.

you lie through your teeth about everything to everyone. you befriended people just because of your idiotic mistrust and you expect them to still like you?

your friends won't even come out and visit you unless they want to do something else in the area. maybe because you always make fun of them to all of your other friends. im sure they really appreciate the fact that youve called them whores, sheep, untrustworthy. im sure ryan and tara approve of the fact that you just talked shit about them the second they moved in. and when everyone else was saying they missed them, you were just talking about how they were leeches. im sure your EXhusband appreciates you making out with one of his best friends. its probly a good idea if you just blame him for it. good idea.

you said you dont say anything negative about me to anyone?! when anyone asks you say "oh, it just didnt work out". you fucking liar. you fucking lying 2 faced whore. youre like everyone else in your fucking family. and you'll never fucking overcome it. you may make more money but you'll never surpass being that ignorant little girl that cant fucking take responsibility for her actions. that cant stop playing fucking mind games. that cant stop blaming EVERY outside action for her fucking problems.

youre alone. no one actually likes you outside the entertainment factor of an overdramitc whore. youre 'friends' dont like you. your family doesnt like you. your family which you helped out could give a fuck less about you.

you'll always be alone you fucking cunt. youre going to die alone and i will breathe a sigh of relief. the world will be better off

fuck you
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