Noooope. (glassrockboy) wrote,

the official US time is...17:51:30

so this computer doesnt have a clock on it...which ive never really heard of...and the admin options are disabled of i had to go to to find out the time. i always knew there was a website for EVERYTHING.

the power is out at Ye Olde Casa so im at the library right now. and i gotta say...while the naperville libraries are NICER than chicago...and i've NEVER had to wait for a computer out here...theres still a level of...belligerence thats missing...a certain "je ne sais homeless".

speaking of "je ne sais..."... i dont know...i just dont know...seriously

f u ckf u c kfu c k fuc k f uck f u ckf u c kfu c k fuc k f uck
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